Still at it

Another beautiful fall week. Tomatoes are ripening well. We will be good for another week. Don't wait we are on borrowed time for frost


So sick of bending over to pick produce. This weather has been a blessing. Wish it would have come in July

Running hard

We are enjoying this warm fall weather. Get your canning tomatoes before it's done


We cut down a portion of our strawberries today. We don't have the labor to pick them all. It's sad but there are so many different fruits available right now. Strawberries just aren't selling


We have many half buschels of canning tomatoes available. We have some yellow tomatoes that make a great tomato sauce. It's yellow and has a fruity taste. Lower acid yet tasty. $10 to anyone who mentions this blog to me at market


Picked pears,peaches,& tomatoes. Hope they sell. It's a holiday weekend for most


Are deliveries have reached the point where we won't be attending market on weds day from now on. Tuesday and Friday at Fulton. Saturday at Rockford


Can't do market and deliveries. Deliveries are guaranteed a check. The sure thing is good


Everyone must have spent all their money on school supplies. No one seems to be coming to market. Farm link is great though

Field of aspiration

The tomato patch looks so good. They are picking and flying to so many wanting tomatophiles. I love this time of year


One of my favorite varieties of tomatoes is ready. Indigo rose. Purple with an orange hue. So beautiful

And your 2013 Grandwich champion is...

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – The results are in and the cool creaminess of ice cream reigned supreme in the 2013 Grandwich competition.

But it wasn’t Hopcat’s “Beer Ice Cream Sandwich” taking the trophy. Rather it may have been the medallion of blue cheese ice cream atop McKay’s Downtown'sinventive “Royale with Blue Cheese” Grandwich that helped that sandwich claim victory this year. The Grand Rapids Brewing Company’s “Colt 45” came in third.

The Top 3 were officially:

1. Mckay's "Royale with Bleu Cheese"
2. Hopcat's "Beer Ice Cream Sandwich"
3. GRBC's "Colt .45"

Hopcat’s second place entry stayed true to their hoppy history and served Palazzolo's gelato infused with Hopcat's strawberry-rhubarb Zugspitze hefewizen in between two Nantucket Baking Company's brewer’s grain strawberry cookies baked with R.F Johnson and Sons local strawberries.